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Well, the names Joshua. Some call him Josh. 16 this year and going through life like any other normal human being. Trying his best to make the best out of everything. His kindof an introvert, well he doesnt have much to say. Constantly in lost of words. Praying that the Lord will use him to go all out for Him. Very thankful for everything=)!

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Thursday, December 4, 2008

Rules and Regulations...

1. Do all the tags and do not copy the answers.
2. Tag 10 people before you do the tag.
3. No tag back.

*Even though it says "No tag back" I'm still writting Yong Xiang's name in=)

I tag...
1. Joel
2. Eu June
3. Desmond Cheong
4. Yuslynn
5. Rachel
6. Reuben
7. Bryan*although he doesnt blog..
9. Yong Xiang

How you know 1?- Joel
Well, he is those cool guys who isnt troubled with anything. Very helpful, and he was the one who took me back to blogging. I'll be missng him next year!='(

What would you do if you never meet 2?- Eu June
My goodness. The world would totally be different! Man, all the lameness he brought to us. The fun, the jokes, the crap things he did to make us have a good laugh! He's one good buddy I would regret if I never met him!

What would u do if 3 & 4 dated u?-Desmond & Yuslynn
LOL! Weird.. I would be amazed.. hmm.. never mind, SKIP this question!

Would 5 & 6 make a good couple?- Rachel & Reuben
Another "lol-ish" question. Well, friends, they will be great! Couple..hmm, dont think so. You would have to ask them.

Do u think 7 is attractive?- Bryan
Attractive? LOL! Okay, urm, ar.. HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO ANSWER THIS?! He may be attractive to the opposite sex. I think he's okay. Good friend. Will stick with you till the end.*I hope=p

Do u know anything about 8’s family?- Hazell
Hmm, not really. Oops=(

Tell me something about 9. -Yong Xiang
Where shall I start? Okay, a dude who keeps on telling the world he's handsome. In fact he is. Classmate. First look at him is like those playful type and gila gila one. But quite a smart guy. Just look at his results, enough to pop your eyes out. Yong Xiang is a good friend who would stick with you till the very end, loyal to friendship. Still single, I think. He'll be leaving for Singapore under ASEAN (told you he was smart). Will be missing him loads!

What language does 2 speaks? - Eu June
Fluen english, Chinese, Bahasa Melayu and a few years time, I think he'll be speaking Singlish(Singapore-English).

Who is 3 going out with? -Desmond
I think he's still single.. I think=D

How old is 4? - Yuslynn
15 but she acts like a 3 year old.LOL=)

When was the last time u talked to 5? -Rachel
Hmm, quite some time. She's been busy with her STPM and she's glad its over. And I was away so didnt meet my cell members fo quite some time.

Who is 6 favourite singer? -Reuben
His favourite singer. Hmm. Quite a lot. He loves FLY FM though. Visit his blog to know bout his fav singers.

Would you date 7 ? - Bryan
DATE?! Not in my right state of mind! DATE a homosapien of the same sex?? NO! I'm still fairly sane.=p

Is 8 single? - Hazell
Hmm, not really sure.

What is 9 last name? - Yong Xiang
Last name? I will give you the full, LIM YONG XIANG!

Would you consider being in a relationship with 1? -Joel
LOL?! Why do i always get this question when its with a guy?! NO! I'm a normal person who is only fond of the opposite sex.

Which school does 2 go to? -Eu June
He was from Kwang Hwa primary, then Chung Ling High School, he'll be going to some school in Singapore next year.=(

What do you like about 3? -Desmond
Hmm. A caring brother in Christ and a smart one too.

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