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Wednesday, June 4, 2008

One word to describe it all.. AWESOME!!

yea.. it was totally fun, i still think it was kinda short.. 3 days 2 nights.. just couldnt have enough of it=)

it was held in CCC.. went there in Bryan's car(thanks ya 4 fetching me)..

when i got ther, i was like "Okay..".. cause it looked really old from the outside of the building..but who cares?XD

Minggled around with other campers and found out i was assigned to dorm A

DORM A! got 2 noe tons of new friends frm this dorm.. i stepped into the dorm and was greeted by Gua Zhi : "YO! Do u shuffle?!".. i was like.. no? very amusing way 2 welcome some1 huh? He did dat to almost every1 dat came into the dorm..

But still i think dat dorm A was the best! If they had an award 4 the loudest, dirtiest, smelliest dorm... i tell , dorm A is surely winning it! It sound like a crap dorm rite? But seriously its the best dorm cause we had all sorts of people! Cool dorm!!

The P&W team!

We had a slight briefing in the hall. Joshua(Ooi) did the ice-breaker. We had to sing a nursery rhyme while looking 4 our partners.. brings back the old memories when i was a kid=)

After dat was the workshop.. i loved Wilson's workshop. It was about creative dance and how 2 have fun with empty cans..

Every1 listening attentively 2 wat Wilson kor kor has 2 say.. btw, dats his shoe..XD.. We learned various step dances.. they wee sooo coool!

And yea, u can make great music out of empty cans.. so dont just throw away the cans after drinking!

A peek at Dorm A! yea.. every1 literally threw their things all over the bed.. The dorm had this smell and yeah.. thanks 2 Girawat's deodorant.. we used up nearly 1 whole bottle just 2 try 2 get the smell away.. the manly smell! LOL...

And our dorm entertainer- Gua Zhi! was always there 2 dance 4 u if u ever get bored..

We did our room devotion at night so every1 was rather tired frm te whole days activity..

Benedict leading us in devotion, he was the dorm leader...

The other half of the group..

We tried 2 stay up late.. but eventually every1 slept.. including Gua Zhi..(unbeliveable!).. every1 was dead tired..

The next morning... LOL...Alarms started going off at 5.30am... Alarm after alarm! Gudness... And our 1st activity was onli at 7.00...

This was the best day among all.. cause dis is the day that everything goes full swing! We had fun games, FUN workshops and good fellowship.. Every1 was so pumped up for the nite.. we were having the masquarade 2nite, the sketch and etc.etc... YEA.. the sketch=)

Isaac proposing 2 "Pearly"...LOL... Good job bro..

ur acting was awesome!(THUMBS UP!)..

(Joshua's group.. DIGI..IZZZZ!..DIGI..IZZZZ!)

It all ended pass midninght.. yet every1 was quite alive.. Eery1 continued 2 fellowship around and yack and yack...

My dorm.. well guess wat? They came up with this game... Play blackjack.. losers drink 1 whole cup of water... No toilet allowed within dat hour..Hw crazy is dat? But.. yea its DORM A!!

On the last day, well sooo sad... it was the LAST day..

Every1 wanted more!!

Well, my group came in 1st! WOOHOO!! GO RED HWAKS!!

Oon Feng got best leader, Sook Koon got best female actress(or something)..etc..etc..

It started 2 rain heavily.. i mean really heavy when we were goin 2 end..

This is wat i mean by heavy.. CCC got flooded.. partialy.. =(
It was time 2 go.. SOBX='(

Well the camp ended rather fast 4 me.. 4 every1 too..

Time flies when u're having fun.. so we had 2 bid ur gudbyes.. but its not considered a camp without any group photos!

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